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You most likely need to increase the virtual memory on your computer.  Follow these steps.

On a Vista or Windows 7 machine:

1.  Click "Start" in the lower left corner of the display.

2.  Click "Computer" in the right-hand pane.

3.  Click "System properties" in a menubar located just above the main (white) display area.

4.  Click the "Advanced system settings" link on the left-hand side of the display.

5.  If a "User Account Control" box pops up, click "Continue".

6.  The "Advanced" tab should be the selected tab.  If it is not, click the "Advanced" tab.

7.  In the "Performance" frame, click the "Settings" button.

8.  Click the "Advanced" tab.

9.  In the "Virtual memory" frame, click the "Change" button.

10.  The box next to "Automatically manage paging file size for all drives" should be checked.  If it is NOT checked, click on it to check it.  If it IS checked, click on it to uncheck it; then click it again to check it.

11.  Click "OK".

12.  A "System Properties" box will pop up.  Click "OK" to restart the computer.

13.  Click "Apply".  Click "OK".  Click "OK".  Click "Restart Now" or "Restart Later" to finish the process.